Travelling School of Life

Hello fellow wayfarer, our website is currently being rebuilt. Some starting points:

A global learning network

The Travelling School of Life is a global education network connecting people who want to share their knowledge and resources. It supports people in interacting with each other and creating their own ways of learning and teaching, developing approaches which are often different from those used in universities, schools and vocational courses. Even if you are involved in formal education you can still use Tsolife to complement and expand upon your studies.

The network is a tool that can be used to spread information through direct social interaction, making it accessible to people all around the world. You yourself decide which subjects, at which time, in which place, with which people, using which methods and for which reason you want to learn with and from each other. Read more

Help wanted

Would you like to join the construction of our new website? We need help with testing, feedback and programming. Write us at contact(eat) if you are interested. We will be glad to hear from you!

Your TSoLife techies, 3 September 2009 :]